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Party Fiesta's Eco-Friendly Balloons!

Party Fiesta is the balloon-décor company with a heart for our fragile environment and an eye for preserving our planet! We use only the highest-quality latex balloons from Qualatex, which are made from 100% natural latex—not plastic.

Latex originated in the tropical forests of South America and was taken to Europe from Brazil. It is now grown on plantations in many tropical countries and is produced from the milky sap of the rubber tree (Hevea brasilliensis), which can produce latex for up to 40 years!

The latex is collected in buckets as it drips from harmless cuts in the bark, similar to the method used to collect maple syrup, with the trees being left safe and completely intact. Because latex is used for many products other than just balloons—such as surgical gloves—rubber trees are economically valuable, which discourages deforestation.

Latex balloons are earth-friendly because they are completely biodegradable in both sunlight and water and decompose at approximately the same rate as an oak leaf in your backyard!

The use of eco-friendly latex balloons is only one aspect of Party Fiesta's commitment to going green! We recycle materials faithfully and operate our business in an energy- efficient manner, protecting our natural resources to the highest degree! After all, we want the party to go on and on and on!

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